Terms of service

The intention of this document is to inform about your consumer rights and duties when shopping on Suprabeam-shop.com
The website/webshop is owned by:

Suprabeam/Steiner A/S
Dyssen 3
8200 Aarhus N
Phone: +45 87 52 52 12
E-mail: info@suprabeam.com
CVR-nr.: 10 03 15 67

1. Placing an order
When you have placed an order on the Suprabeam webshop, our system will generate an order confirmation email specifying your purchase.
Please note that the auto generated email is not a legally binding order confirmation

The order confirmation is a receipt that we have received your order. Suprabeam has the possibility to cancel the order due to printing errors, technical problems, delivery failure or other similar situations.

2. Cancellation of an order
Orders which are not fully executed can be cancelled by contacting our customer service.

3. Prices
Reservations are made towards changes in tax, prices, and proofreading errors etc.

4. Payment
Payment for ordered goods has to happen online. Credit card information transmitted between customer and Suprabeam are encrypted. Personal information (name, address etc.) are not encrypted.

5. Information regarding complaint options
If you wish to complaint on a product, please contact info@suprabeam.com.

6. Warranty
In compliance with the sales of goods act Suprabeam offers a 24 months warranty on all goods. You can read more about our warranty here

If you recognize any faults or defects on the purchased goods, you should as a consumer contact Suprabeam as soon as possible, and explain the fault or defect on the goods.

Warranty complaints have to be address to our customer service. If the product has faults or defects, Suprabeam will repair or exchange the product.

8. Reservations and disclaimer
Suprabeam make reservations towards possible changes in taxes, price, proofing errors, technical faults, sold out goods, and force majeure, including work conflicts or delays caused by subcontractors.

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at info@suprabeam.com.

9. 30 day money-back guarantee

The 30 day money-back guarantee only covers products purchased on www.suprabeam-shop.com.

Products must be returned in original packaging. We do not accept products that has been mistreated or damaged in any way.

When utilising the guarantee the customer must cover the shipping cost, and we do not collect packages from parcel shops. The product must shipped 30 days from the purchase date at the latest. The product must be shipped with delivery to our office and marked correctly:

Steiner A/S
ATT: 30 day money-back guarantee
Dyssen 3
8200 Aarhus N